To start creating assignments for your students, navigate to Assignments from the dashboard.



There are three sections within the Assignments page.

  • Currently Assigned
  • Awaiting Teacher Review
  • Completed Assignments


Under Currently Assigned, select "ADD ASSIGNMENT"

Select the course from the dropdown

Then select "CONFIRM"


The next screen will ask you which activity you wish to assign.

Select the Chapter Name from the first dropdown and then select the Activity you wish to assign to your students.

Under the Details section, we suggest selecting Yes for both options.

This will then notify your student(s) that they have an assignment as well as allow you to grade their work once they have completed the assignment.


On the next screen, select what class will be assigned this assignment.

Then, enter in the start date and due date of the assignment.

You can also enter in the amount of attempts that students will have for questions, this can be unlimited or between 1 and 10.



If you wish to send assignments to multiple classes, select "Save and add another class". This will bring you back to the "Select Course" page.


Once you have created your assignment(s) and are happy with the settings and due date, select Save.


This will return you back to the Assignments page.

You will notice your assignment(s) have now appeared underneath the Currently Assigned section.

You can edit the Assignment to extend the assignment as well as change the amount of attempts students have to answer questions.