To view a course, from the dashboard, select "Courses" and then the course you wish to view from the next page.



Upon first viewing of the course, you will be brought to the Course Header page. This page contains the Guiding Questions related to each chapter within the course.



The learning standards are accompanied with the activity numbers that are associated with that Guiding Question. Selecting the Activity Number will take the user to that Activity.


Users can easily navigate through the Chapters and Activities within the course through the Course Navigation Block. By selecting the chapter name, the user will be brought to the Chapter Header page which contains the Guiding Questions for just that chapter.

By selecting the arrow on the left side of the chapter name, a dropdown of the activities within the chapter will be shown. Select the activity name to navigate to that Activity.



Once within the Activity you can navigate between each Section by using the navbar on the top of the page.

If there are several sections within the activity, the user may need to use the horizontal scroll bar in order to view all of the sections.