ReadSpeaker is an embedded feature within our BIOZONE Academy platform that allows users to do the following with selections of text:

  • Provide dictionary definitions
  • Provide translation into 17 different languages
  • Provide text-to-speech 

Using ReadSpeaker is easy, first select text within a BIOZONE Academy course. This will show a dropdown menu of ListenDictionary, and Translate.



Select a single phrase or word and a pop-up will appear with the definition. The definition can also be read aloud with settings to suit the user's preferences.



When selecting a section of text and then selecting Translate, a list of options will appear for the user to translate the text into. There are 17 different options.
When the user has selected their preferred language, a pop-up window will appear with the translated text as well as options to read-aloud the translation with settings to suit the user's preferences.


Selecting the Listen option will automatically start reading aloud the text in English.
The options for this feature can be edited through the ReadSpeaker block on the left side of the screen, underneath the Course Navigation block.

From here users are able to:

  • Pause/Resume
  • Stop read aloud
  • Skip backwards by 5 seconds
  • Skip forward by 5 seconds
  • Adjust the volume of the speaker
  • Adjust the read speed of the speaker

By selecting the three-lined icon on the left, users are able to access more advanced features.



Reading Language
Changes the read-aloud voice between variations of Male and Female in English.
To read-aloud the text in other languages make sure to re-select the text and then select Translate from the dropdown menu

Read on Hover
By selecting this option, after hovering over a paragraph of text the text will be read aloud by the speaker. This makes it easy for users to read through the text within the course.

Enlarge Text
Selections of text will appear in a larger text format at the bottom of the screen. From there, users are able to reduce or enlarge the size of the text to a size that best suits them.

Text Mode
A popup window with all plain text on the page will appear. This allows users to read the content without distractions of images or formating, with more features to reduce/enlarge and read-aloud the text.

Page Mask
This option will darken all parts of the screen except the section where your mouse is, reducing the distraction on the page. The page mask can also be adjusted so the darker sections of the page are reduced or increased.

Download the selection as a .mp3 file. This could be very useful for consuming the content when offline.